What you do now with technology and data acquisition will define the future success of your business. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll introduce you to datalakes and explain why you need to get in the game with this now.

I’ll show you the evolution of a datalake, what kind of data is in it, and how you can use that data for better insights and decision making. I’ll also talk about how to use AI to build better call lists and identify consumer digital intent and patterns.

Of course, you have to put data in before you can benefit from it. I’ll show you the connectivity of existing data, how to put your digital marketing on steroids, what’s on the frontier of possibilities, and what’s actually happening right now from a datalake perspective.

Datalakes are the future. But what really matters is your ability to connect with the customers who are in front of you today. It all starts with you having an appreciation for the data you have, insights into what you can do with it, and an understanding of the power of great data.

Ep 346 – Service experience

In this week’s podcast, Alexander Phillips and Josh Phegan discuss defining and delivering a great service experience. It starts with defining what sellers and buyers find critically important and then setting delivery standards to meet and exceed those expectations.

Big finish with the big 3

It’s time for a big finish as we close out 2022. In my Coaching Tip today, I’ll introduce you to the big 3 areas you’ll want to concentrate on and the people you need to call because you know they’ll be doing transactions.

You’ll need to find the datasets for the people who want to sell, and I’ll tell you why you want to call your buyers from 2019. I’ll even give you great dialogue to help you create your best opportunities when you make those calls.

We’ll talk about why it’s important that you call every market appraisal you’ve ever done from the beginning of your career. Things are rapidly changing in this environment, and I’ll show you how many sales, listings and new market appraisals you can generate.

The 3rd area to look at is expired listings. I’ll give you dialogue to get you on the phone and working with those people. You can have a big finish with the big 3 when you change the energy, get momentum, and book those appointments before the end of the year.

Fast Pace Ep 83 – Brand positioning

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan look at brand positioning, why it’s important and how to do it right. They discuss the difference between marketing and brand positioning, setting your brand story, identity, values and customer expectations, creating scalability, and working in collaboration.

Ep 345 – Trusted advisor (re-price, re-market, re-auction)

Today’s High Performance Podcast for Real Estate Agents features Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips on becoming a trusted advisor and talking to owners who need to re-price, re-market and re-auction their homes. Alex looks at getting that level of trust with a vendor so they will accept your advice and let you do what’s best. He suggests ways to let them know you’re doing everything possible to sell their home at the best price.

Josh overviews what causes price reductions, and they talk about how to discuss pricing with the customer. They show how to help vendors see how market conditions affect the amount they can get for their home and advise them as to what you would do if it was yours.

Electric energy

You’ve got to have an incredible amount of energy to be a great agent. In this Coaching Tip, I’ll show you how to generate electric energy every time you interact with people.

Whether you’re out getting lunch or doing an open for inspection, the energy you put forth matters. I’ll relate my recent experience at an open for inspection and tell you what impressed me most. And I’ll talk about the one-percenters that make the difference in the way you work.

I’ll give you some incredible questions to ask and show you how to deliver them. Your job is to interact with customers, be 100% present with them and make them feel comfortable as you bring their future plans forward today.

Even in a declining market, there are still great sellers and buyers out there. I’ll tell you who benefits most in this market and how to bring your electric energy to those people. It’s time to re-align yourself, get back into that winning position and get those listings.

Fast Pace Ep 82 – The power of great planning

This week on Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discuss the power of great planning based on how business really works. They look at understanding seasonal markets around cashflow, cycles and resources, preparing early for a smooth and effective return after holidays, lead generation that evens out fluctuations in the business, and acting in the best interest of your client.

23 and you

As a business owner, you need to know the difference between long held beliefs and what actually happens in today’s market. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’m looking at 23 and you, and what to do differently in the new year.

Could you go on holiday without your mobile phone? January is no longer a holiday time. Your best strategy is to get your people to holiday early, come back early, and get new campaigns going right away.

I’ll tell you why you need to start listing in December, launch properties on Boxing Day and be ready for open for inspections early in January. You can do more transactions in January than ever before if you get this strategy right.

23 and you starts now. I’ll show you how to get your sales team ready for January, set goals and expectations and make sure they have what they need to get existing listings sold. Hit your targets in 2023, and you can go on holiday early next December.

Ep 344 – Building pipelines (how to build, manage, review and progress)

In this High Performance Podcast for Real Estate Agents, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips talk about building pipelines and using them. They show how to manage and review the pipeline and progress the people inside of them. Alex comments on knowing why you’re at an appraisal, maintaining client relationships, and why the pipeline only works if you’re progressing it. Josh tells why he does just-sold calls before the sold sticker even goes up, and they discuss how often you should review your pipeline.

Alex advises calling anyone who’s relevant around the last transaction. Josh notes the use of a mapping tool to target people living around the property and learning to think differently about what you’re chasing and how you’re progressing the client.

Vision and growth

You can’t just say you’re not going to grow this year because you’re in a declining market. In today’s Coaching Tip, I’ll explain the importance of vision and growth inside of your business, especially in today’s marketplace.

The challenge is that you actually had a built-in pay increase over the past two years, and now you’re seeing a decrease. What goes up the most comes down the most. I’ll tell you what you can do over the next 12 months to change the game and turn that around.

I’ll show you how small increases can make a big difference in your overall result and how to increase your volume of sales. It always comes down to a system or a person, and I’ll show you where to improve so you can build your formula for success.

This is a critical time for vision and growth as we see days on market increase. I’ll tell you how the right system can shorten days on market and improve your clearance rate to balance your business. Let’s get you back on the radar of your goals, starting now.