Strategic review

The best thing you can do at year’s end is a strategic review of your business, and in my Coaching Tip today, I’ll show you the three things that drive growth, how to find and remove whatever isn’t working for you, and I’ll help you reposition yourself for the new year.

Fast Pace Ep 84 – Pricing services

In today’s episode of Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan get clear on the process of pricing services. They examine factors to consider for setting values, pricing models and price points, demonstrating market value, and learning what’s valuable for the customer.

Ep 345 – Trusted advisor (re-price, re-market, re-auction)

In this podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips talk about becoming a trusted advisor, working with owners who need to re-price, re-market and re-auction their homes, gaining their trust, keeping them informed and explaining market conditions that affect pricing.

Selling marketing

As an agent, you’re there to help your vendor’s property stand out from all the others. My Coaching Tip today is about selling marketing by building a system, using the best elements, and establishing belief by telling the right story and winning the business in any market.

High inflation markets

We haven’t seen a high inflation event for many years, but we’re in one now, and my Coaching Tip today is about working in high inflation markets. I’ll explain how inflation affects markets and pricing, and I’ll show you the new skills you need right now.

Ep 328 – Repricing

This podcast features Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips on repricing, getting the price guide right, market influences on pricing, giving vendors options, quality buyer matching, and working hard to sell the property so the vendor knows it must be repriced.

Ep 319 – The buyer seller market

In this podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips discuss the big emergence of the buyer-seller market, the latent demand inside of your database of past clients who are now both selling and looking to buy, plus tips for new agents just starting out.

Fast Pace Ep 39 – Pricing for your services

Today’s Fast Pace podcast features Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan on pricing for your services. They describe several pricing models, explain value-based pricing and ways to influence customers’ perceived value, using the best language to tell your story and win in the marketplace, how to differentiate yourself, and pricing based on confidence.