Brands and service excellence

Your brand positions your business, and in my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today, I’ll show you the power of brands and service excellence, how to set high service standards, and what your role as a leader is in making yours the brand of choice.

Ep 346 – Service experience

In this week’s podcast, Alexander Phillips and Josh Phegan discuss defining and delivering a great service experience. It starts with defining what sellers and buyers find critically important and then setting delivery standards to meet and exceed those expectations.

Fast Pace Ep 83 – Brand positioning

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan look at brand positioning, why it’s important and how to do it right. They discuss the difference between marketing and brand positioning, setting your brand story, identity, values and customer expectations, creating scalability, and working in collaboration.

23 and you

As a business owner, you need to know what’s really happening in this market. In my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today, I’m looking at 23 and you, what to do for an early start in the new year, and how to do more transactions this January than ever before.

Ep 341 – Power of teams and workflow

In this podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips discuss the power of teams and workflow. They talk about why you grow a team, helping your people grow, why high expectations make work easier, and building market share by always staying in momentum.

Ep 329 – Mapping consumer experiences

In this podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips discuss mapping consumer experiences, standards for 6-star service, coaching your team with options they can use to win the listing, and touchpoints that show the vendor you’re there for them every step of the way.

Fast Pace Ep 62 – Onboarding (new, established and learned history)

This week on Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan talk about onboarding and the first 90 days. They look at optimising the process through pre-boarding, why 30% of hires leave within 90 days, getting people engaged, what to do when onboarding fails, mapping out expectations, making it a good experience, and paying attention to feedback from the new hires’ fresh views of the business. 

Skill shortage

After two years of doing business in a virtual world, we’re back in the workplace with a skill shortage for a very different market. In today’s Coaching Tip, I’ll show you the basic skill sets you need and how to develop them, and I’ll share secrets from some of the biggest businesses in Australia.

Fast Pace Ep 29 – The big shift to being a director in a business

This week on Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discuss the big shift to being a director in a business, what directors actually do, and what allows you to play at this level. They look at the role of director as partner, leading by example, responsibilities, expectations and accountability, and how individual director’s styles can contribute. 

Ep 285 – Working lockdown markets

In this week’s episode, Alexander Phillips and Josh Phegan talk through how to work during lockdown periods, including how to manage vendor expectations – the 5:1 ratio, managing buyer enquiry and inspections, bringing campaigns forward, launching and listing for post-lockdown.