What you do now with technology and data acquisition will define the future success of your business. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll introduce you to datalakes and explain why you need to get in the game with this now.

I’ll show you the evolution of a datalake, what kind of data is in it, and how you can use that data for better insights and decision making. I’ll also talk about how to use AI to build better call lists and identify consumer digital intent and patterns.

Of course, you have to put data in before you can benefit from it. I’ll show you the connectivity of existing data, how to put your digital marketing on steroids, what’s on the frontier of possibilities, and what’s actually happening right now from a datalake perspective.

Datalakes are the future. But what really matters is your ability to connect with the customers who are in front of you today. It all starts with you having an appreciation for the data you have, insights into what you can do with it, and an understanding of the power of great data.

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