Brands and service excellence

Your brand positions your business, and in my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today, I’ll show you the power of brands and service excellence, how to set high service standards, and what your role as a leader is in making yours the brand of choice.

Ep 346 – Service experience

In this week’s podcast, Alexander Phillips and Josh Phegan discuss defining and delivering a great service experience. It starts with defining what sellers and buyers find critically important and then setting delivery standards to meet and exceed those expectations.

Fast Pace Ep 71 – The age of the customer

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan look at balancing customer service and profit margins in the age of the customer. They talk about how roles are changing, what’s most important to the customer, AI applications for improved customer insights, and products that provide a better customer experience with your organisation.

Train experiences

Training information alone will quickly fade. What you want to do is train experiences, and in my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today I’ll show you what to train and how to map it, and I’ll help you train your people to be consistently exceptional.

Customer obsession

We’re in an experience economy. In my Coaching Tip today, I’ll tell you about customer obsession, show you what great customer service looks like, and illustrate how the little things build up to great referrals and greater fees.

Fast Pace Ep 30 – Defining customer experience

This Fast Pace episode features Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan on defining customer service, why that’s important and how to do it. They show how to define customer points of pain and what they really want, ways to provide service and build trust around those points, and how to charge for the value of the customer experience you provide. 

Great seller service

You’ve got to stay focused on providing great seller service. In my Coaching Tip this week I’ll give you the tools to deliver by communicating clearly to everyone in real-time, managing seller expectations, and staying in control.