Meeting rhythms – purpose

Meetings are about making progress, but they have to have purpose, and in this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll explain meeting rhythms and show you how to get clarity of purpose, improve performance, and make your meetings do what they’re designed to do.


You have to use your database to be good, and in my Coaching Tip today, I’ll introduce you to the databaser concept. I’ll show you why your data is based on relationships and guide you to the listings, sales and referrals it will offer you for the rest of your career.

Fast Pace Ep 79 – Running a great sales meeting

This Fast Pace episode features Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discussing what’s needed for running a great sales meeting. They look at energy management, productive use of time, recognition for great sales, and making it fun. They show why you need rules and an agenda, and they note that people should leave the meeting knowing what to do next. 

Back on the radar of your goals

It’s time to revisit your view of what you want to accomplish. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll show you how to get back in the radar of your goals, put a plan together for the next 5 years of growth, and get clarity around building your great business.

Founders S2 Ep 7 – Josh Phegan interviews Josh Symons from MRI

In this episode Josh Phegan interview Josh Symons of MRI Technologies. Josh’s focus is on sales and property management, the lack of alignment between departments and teams, and the challenges of integration. He explains big data and exhaust data, servicing landlords as 4-dimensional customers, why PM needs automation and specialisation, the relationship between tech and PM, better ways to show properties, and how sales has already been using new technologies successfully.

The game of retention

There’s no ceiling on possible income in real estate, but there’s also no floor. In today’s Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’m talking about the game of retention and how to retain your top tier talent by being a great leader in today’s uncertain market.

Ep 334 – Great business turnarounds

In today’s podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips talk about how to make great business turnarounds, using a T-chart for clarity, planning ahead and booking campaigns early, goals that drive you and progressing customers over time.

Data driven performance management

Numbers never lie, and in my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today, I’ll talk about data-driven performance management, skills to build momentum and meet your target, numbers you need to track, and two key things you must do to get performance management right.


Your biggest challenge is that you don’t know how to close. In this Coaching Tip, I’ll show you how to test the client, build momentum, prepare your mindset to win the business, and get that signature tonight.