You must understand the power of technology and data acquisition. In my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today, I’ll introduce you to datalakes and show you the insights provided by technology and the skills that will make all the difference in the future of your business success.

Founders S2 Ep 7 – Josh Phegan interviews Josh Symons from MRI

In this episode Josh Phegan interview Josh Symons of MRI Technologies. Josh’s focus is on sales and property management, the lack of alignment between departments and teams, and the challenges of integration. He explains big data and exhaust data, servicing landlords as 4-dimensional customers, why PM needs automation and specialisation, the relationship between tech and PM, better ways to show properties, and how sales has already been using new technologies successfully.

Founders S2 Ep 6 – Josh Phegan interviews Angus Ferguson from Domain Group

In this podcast, Josh Phegan interviews Angus Ferguson, Commercial Director of Agent Solutions at Domain Group. In this episode, they look at the real estate process and the tools to help agents move through the processes, from agency agreements to settlement. They look at the future of how people access technology and become aware of the different solution providers available in the marketplace, and the different problems Domain solves in the digital workspace.

Founders S2 Ep 4 – Josh Phegan interviews Jeff Gray and Patrick Hill from Propic

This week Josh Phegan interviews Jeff Gray, CEO and Patrick Hill, CPO of Propic. Their business creates digital solutions that connect people and services 24/7. They look at the problems that Propic solve, growing and scaling businesses profitably using automation, and monetising the valuable data in your business. Jeff shows how technology interacts with agents in the sales environment and how automation allows people to do more.

Fast Pace Ep 37 – Ageing workforces – keeping people in the game with flexible working

This Fast Pace episode features Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan on ageing workplaces, tracking time vs. skill, cultural alignment and nurturing a broader family to serve a broader audience. They examine how age affects customer appeal, work-life balance, adapting to new technologies, organisational culture, and skill-sharing between older and younger agents.

The all-digital, work anywhere world

We’re living in the all-digital work anywhere world now, and in this Coaching Tip, I’ll help you change your mindset so you can run systems and automate processes from wherever you are. I’ll help you become a successful agent, now and in the future.

Fast Pace Ep 33 – Tools and technologies for teams that work

This week on Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan talk about tools and technologies for teams, compare the tools they use and overview Slack, outline ways to improve uptake, explain how to choose the software your business needs and the best tool for a specific situation, and how these tools and technologies deliver on the customer experience.  

Founders Ep 4 – Customer experience measured in seconds

This week Josh Phegan & David Choi interview Jeff Gray, CEO of Propic. His business creates digital solutions that connect people and services 24/7. We look at the relevance of your website in the age of immediacy, conversational profiles and why most property inquiries occur out of work hours. Jeff shows how technology augments our experience, how to overcome barriers to adopting new technologies, and how automation allows people to do more.

Automation: the future of client meetings

There are many ways to use the digital environment for real estate, and in this Coaching Tip, I explore the role of automation in the future of client meetings, using Zoom and QR codes, how it keeps you on track, and ultimately creates greater opportunities.

Fast Pace Ep 18 – Workspaces of the future

In this week’s episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan have a look into workspaces of the future, workspace culture, what workspaces are becoming and the roles they play in how your business operates. Dean and Josh note changes in workspace structure over time with improved concepts and technologies. They discuss how 100% remote businesses work so well, and ask whether we really need a physical workspace anymore.