Strategic review

The best thing you can do at year’s end is a strategic review of your business, and in my Coaching Tip today, I’ll show you the three things that drive growth, how to find and remove whatever isn’t working for you, and I’ll help you reposition yourself for the new year.

Fast Pace Ep 81 – Business models

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan talk about choosing a business model. They examine the evolution of business models and where each type works best, franchises and dissatisfactions with those that don’t deliver, the independent agency, the current shared services model, and choosing the model that will take you where you want to go.


There is conflict everywhere in business today. In my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll show you what it means to be valueless, how to integrate your value set into all areas of your organisation, and to empower your people, so you’re free to do your own best work.

Fast Pace Ep 78 – Landing great people

Today on Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan show how to land great people for your business. They talk about some of the things exceptional people look for, how to show them you’ll provide their best environment with guiding principles to grow and succeed, how to get past the resistance barrier, and what to do for a great on-boarding experience. 

Fast Pace Ep 73 – Simple rules for big results

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discuss simple rules that work inside any business. They note the need for a clear alignment of vision and values, having the best interests at heart, roles and responsibilities, the 9/14 rule, specific rules for rising and declining markets, and learning to both recognise what works and pivot when the market changes.

Ep 334 – Great business turnarounds

In today’s podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips talk about how to make great business turnarounds, using a T-chart for clarity, planning ahead and booking campaigns early, goals that drive you and progressing customers over time.

Fast Pace Ep 68 – The power of one

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan look at the feasibility of running your business on the power of one number. They discuss metrics you need to run your business effectively, knowing what you want to achieve, measuring MPS specifically, and linking employee performance with business performance.

Data sets

The biggest opportunity for your business is sitting inside of your data sets. In today’s Coaching Tip, I’ll show you how to use that data to bring customers to you, list landlord’s personal residential properties, and overall give you a competitive advantage.

Fast Pace Ep 67 – How to build a system

This episode of Fast Pace features Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan explaining how to build a system and how that can solve so many basic business problems. They define what a system is and where you need to use them, solving the right problem by asking the right questions and developing cultured discipline and accountability.

Ep 325 – Growth engine

In this podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips discuss growth engines and recognising opportunities inside of your business, how market dynamics affect price points, why past clients can be your biggest growth aspect, and skills that agents inside of your team should have.