2022 Review (average sale price, volume, fee, lead source)

It’s time for your 2022 review, and in this Coaching Tip, I’ll help you see what’s been working, what to amplify, and what needs to go. I’ll share my forecasts for the new year and help you set your intent for earning more income in 2023 than you did over the past 12 months.


You have to use your database to be good, and in my Coaching Tip today, I’ll introduce you to the databaser concept. I’ll show you why your data is based on relationships and guide you to the listings, sales and referrals it will offer you for the rest of your career.

Strategic review

The best thing you can do at year’s end is a strategic review of your business, and in my Coaching Tip today, I’ll show you the three things that drive growth, how to find and remove whatever isn’t working for you, and I’ll help you reposition yourself for the new year.

Electric energy

You need an incredible amount of energy to be a great agent. In my Coaching Tip today, I’ll show you how to generate electric energy with customers, ask great questions, find the sellers and buyers in a declining market, and get back into that winning position.

Consistent flow

You know the power of open for inspections, but you need a consistent flow of them. In my Coaching Tip today, I’ll show you how to use your off-market listings to maintain that even flow of homes every Saturday, and help you prepare for your new campaigns in 2023.

The experience

You can’t get lazy around the experience you provide, especially during this market slowdown. In today’s Coaching Tip, I’ll show you how to get buyers to opens, what to do when they get there, and how to boost customer confidence in the market, and in you.