Vision and growth

You can’t just say you’re not going to grow this year because you’re in a declining market. In today’s Coaching Tip, I’ll explain the importance of vision and growth inside of your business, especially in today’s marketplace.

The challenge is that you actually had a built-in pay increase over the past two years, and now you’re seeing a decrease. What goes up the most comes down the most. I’ll tell you what you can do over the next 12 months to change the game and turn that around.

I’ll show you how small increases can make a big difference in your overall result and how to increase your volume of sales. It always comes down to a system or a person, and I’ll show you where to improve so you can build your formula for success.

This is a critical time for vision and growth as we see days on market increase. I’ll tell you how the right system can shorten days on market and improve your clearance rate to balance your business. Let’s get you back on the radar of your goals, starting now.

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