Founders S2 Ep 6 – Josh Phegan interviews Angus Ferguson from Domain Group

In this podcast, Josh Phegan interviews Angus Ferguson, Commercial Director of Agent Solutions at Domain Group. In this episode, they look at the real estate process and the tools to help agents move through the processes, from agency agreements to settlement. They look at the future of how people access technology and become aware of the different solution providers available in the marketplace, and the different problems Domain solves in the digital workspace.

Find the data sets

Marketing isn’t enough to win in your marketplace. In this Coaching Tip, I’ll help you find the data sets you already have and use them as a competitive advantage, and I’ll tell you why it’s so important to maintain those relationships, especially in today’s market.

Ep 328 – Repricing

This podcast features Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips on repricing, getting the price guide right, market influences on pricing, giving vendors options, quality buyer matching, and working hard to sell the property so the vendor knows it must be repriced.

Distance the ego

You need to distance the ego to be the agent the customer is looking for. In my Coaching Tip today, I’ll show you how to position your brand, demonstrate your credibility, and base your business on the customer experience you deliver.

Ep 309 – Working nervous buyers

In today’s podcast, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips discuss their approach to working nervous buyers by creating a sense of urgency, building comfort and confidence through relationships, and staying ahead of a broader marketplace and not just one small area.

How you win, pitch and serve

You’ve got to know how you win, pitch and serve, and in this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip I’ll help you define your formula, train your people to deliver your brand’s unique customer experience, and keep those customers coming back.


No unicorn agent is simply going to walk in and ask to work for you. In my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today I’ll show you what recruiting is all about, which platforms for success you must have, and how to make it simple to attract the best talent.

Ep 289 – Getting more strategic

In this podcast Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips are talking about getting more strategic around what you do, choosing a relatable market, customer lifecycle, demographic trend, and finding a marketplace big enough for your aspirations.