Meeting rhythms – purpose

Meetings are about making progress, but they have to have purpose, and in this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll explain meeting rhythms and show you how to get clarity of purpose, improve performance, and make your meetings do what they’re designed to do.

Founders Ep 8 – Josh Symons, MRI Software

In this episode Josh Phegan & David Choi interview Josh Symons of MRI Software. Josh’s focus is on sales and property management, the lack of alignment between departments and teams, and the challenges of integration. He explains big data and exhaust data, servicing landlords as 4-dimensional customers, why PM needs automation and specialisation, the relationship between tech and PM, weaknesses the pandemic exposed, better ways to show properties, and how sales has already been using new technologies successfully. 

PM opportunity

Property management is your biggest real estate opportunity, and in this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip I’ll show you how the PM opportunity generates recurring revenue, drives value and grows market share, and why you must get seriously good at it.