Rules for success

As a leader, you have to have a clear set of rules. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll give you the basic rules for success, explain how they help your people play at their best, and show you why they’re so important to your overall success.

End of financial year metrics

Find out which metrics matter to your business in this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip. I’ll show you how to use your end of financial year metrics to maintain recurring profit, increase saleable value, and ultimately change the nature of your business.

Building for growth

Whether you were lucky in 2021 or hoping to be in 2022 it’s time to start building for growth, and in my Coaching Tip this week I’ll help you review 2021 and build for growth in 2022 by knowing your numbers and getting strategic with your business, starting right now.

Fast Pace Ep 36 – Stripping it back – 5 rules for a successful office

This week on Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discuss 5 rules for a successful business. They detail each of the rules around the leading salesperson, new recruits, property management, brand extension, and capital. They explain why these rules work, and add other significant aspects including data, people, metrics, markets, and principles.

Founders Ep 7 – Making pest and building reports accessible 

This podcast features Josh Phegan & David Choi interviewing Before You Bid CEO, Rhys Rogers, and COO, Jordan Rogers. BYB is a supply portal for access to pest and building reports. We discuss benefits and considerations around making pest and building reports easily accessible, consumer confidence and loss protection for vendors, inspectors’ concerns, helping agents quickly gauge buyer intent through digital intent, and how access to these reports with full transparency from the start speeds up the entire process. 

The 2022 transition

Learning to surf is a great way to look at the 2022 transition, and in my new Coaching Tip, I’ll show you how 2022 is going to be different and how to transition fast, give you fresh relevant dialogue, and introduce you to a whole new set of skills you’re going need.

Fast Pace Ep 35 – Platforms for scale

In this Fast Pace podcast, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan define and discuss platforms and scales and how they relate, how applications differ and change with growth, why change takes time and patience and you need to prepare your people for it, deciding whether to buy or build your platform, and making sure everyone is aligned on your vision and values.