The experience

You can’t get lazy around the experience you provide, especially during this market slowdown. In today’s Coaching Tip, I’ll show you how to get buyers to opens, what to do when they get there, and how to boost customer confidence in the market, and in you.

Reducing days on market

Your job is to maintain vendor confidence throughout the campaign. In my Coaching Tip today, I’ll show you that reducing days on market is doable even in a declining market by setting benchmarks for progression, and making logical decisions to get the property sold.

Rules for success

As a leader, you have to have a clear set of rules. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll give you the basic rules for success, explain how they help your people play at their best, and show you why they’re so important to your overall success.

Fast Pace Ep 73 – Simple rules for big results

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discuss simple rules that work inside any business. They note the need for a clear alignment of vision and values, having the best interests at heart, roles and responsibilities, the 9/14 rule, specific rules for rising and declining markets, and learning to both recognise what works and pivot when the market changes.

Emotion vs logic

Your role is to help your people succeed, but we’re playing in a brand new world today. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll explain emotion- vs. logic-based management for our declining market and how you can ultimately change the game by thinking differently.

Fast Pace Ep 70 – Business ready for market cycles

This Fast Pace episode features Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discussing business cycles, the property clock, and why current cycles are speeding up significantly. They look at high inflation events, adaptability, supply and demand shocks, cashflow coverage, building a resilient infrastructure, preparing for declining markets, and going granular to create value.

High inflation markets

We haven’t seen a high inflation event for many years, but we’re in one now, and my Coaching Tip today is about working in high inflation markets. I’ll explain how inflation affects markets and pricing, and I’ll show you the new skills you need right now.