Fast Pace Ep 83 – Brand positioning

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan look at brand positioning, why it’s important and how to do it right. They discuss the difference between marketing and brand positioning, setting your brand story, identity, values and customer expectations, creating scalability, and working in collaboration.

Founders S2 Ep 5 – Josh Phegan interviews Steve Osborn from Identity Marketing

This podcast features Josh Phegan talking with Steve Osborn, founder of Identity Marketing. They look at what marketing is for a modern real estate agent, and brand awareness for agencies. Steve describes marketing as understanding the customers desires to bring trust, and creating more value in the marketplace. He explains common marketing mistakes and developing a marketing plan for your firm.

Founders S2 Ep 3 – Josh Phegan interviews Felicity Leggett from MoneyMe ListReady

In today’s podcast, Josh Phegan is joined by Felicity Leggett of MoneyMe ListReady, which provides financial credit with the speed and convenience of digital access. Felicity explains how MoneyMe ListReady gives agents control over the buy now pay later model. They discuss the application process, lowering the customer barriers using digital platforms, increasing vendor options, and improving agent listing presentations.

USP – Make it clear

You’ve got to make it clear why the customer should use you. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’ll show you how to understand the needs of the three basic types of customers so you can develop your USPs and train your team to win the business.

Building for growth

Whether you were lucky in 2021 or hoping to be in 2022 it’s time to start building for growth, and in my Coaching Tip this week I’ll help you review 2021 and build for growth in 2022 by knowing your numbers and getting strategic with your business, starting right now.

Founders Ep 6 – Innovating with payment processing gateways

In today’s podcast, Josh Phegan & David Choi are joined by Julian Antonescu of Money Me, which provides financial credit with the speed and convenience of digital access. Julian explains how his List Ready product gives agents control over the buy now pay later model. We examine risk management around vendor paid vs. agent paid marketing, digital payment processing gateways for real estate, lowering customer barriers to entry, increasing vendor options and support, and resolving agent barriers to adoption.

Power of language

Now more than ever, language really matters. In this week’s Coaching Tip I’ll show you the power of language, why the words you choose are important, and how to communicate with consumers in a way that makes them feel good about your brand.

Founders Ep 5 – Interactive tools for real estate content marketing

This podcast features Josh Phegan & David Choi talking with Jay Morris of Diakrit, a company that creates 2-and 3-D interactive floorplans. Jay’s intent is to provide great information for buyers quickly so they’re not wasting time. We talk about real estate content marketing and extending dwell time, COVID as an opportunity to work differently and what we’ve learned from it, augmented reality and other positioning and presentation tools that get the consumer to move forward and make an offer.

The ‘for more than profit’ business model

A business must be about more than making money. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip I’ll help you define your purpose using the ‘for more than profit’ business model, express it clearly, and build connection with your internal and external customers.