23 and you

As a business owner, you need to know what’s really happening in this market. In my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today, I’m looking at 23 and you, what to do for an early start in the new year, and how to do more transactions this January than ever before.

Train experiences

Training information alone will quickly fade. What you want to do is train experiences, and in my Growth, Leadership and Management Tip today I’ll show you what to train and how to map it, and I’ll help you train your people to be consistently exceptional.

Hit-refresh on your buyer work

You had thousands of buyers last year, but suddenly there’s none? In this Coaching Tip, I’ll give you the skillset to hit refresh on your buyer market by matching unsold properties with buyers already inside your database, and what to look for to make that match.

Market knowledge is underrated

Market knowledge is underrated in the industry, but in this Coaching Tip, I’ll show you how to get it, understand it, and use it to improve your market appraisals, win listings, stay relevant to your customers, and become their most valuable agent.

Finding your angle: tactical conversations

You’ve got to know why customers decide to choose you. In this Coaching Tip I’ll help you with finding your angle and discovering the tactical numbers that will show what you can do for the client to make choosing you as their agent an easy decision.

Ep 272 – Faster decisions

This podcast features Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips on making faster decisions and building better call lists, matching buyers and sellers with previous appraisals, and creating momentum with a sense of urgency and a bit of fear.