Fast Pace Ep 83 – Brand positioning

In this Fast Pace episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan look at brand positioning, why it’s important and how to do it right. They discuss the difference between marketing and brand positioning, setting your brand story, identity, values and customer expectations, creating scalability, and working in collaboration.

Fast Pace Ep 72 – Innovation lab

This week on Fast Pace, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan discuss the innovation lab and shifting business performance. They address innovation as culture, encouraging collaboration, overcoming fear of change, identifying the problem first, commitment and fortitude, building a sustainable model, and connecting isolated functions together.

Fast Pace Ep 22 – The four-dimensional customer

In this week’s episode, Dean Mackie and Josh Phegan define and discuss the four-dimensional customer. We look at using tech to give each individual customer a more integrated experience, consider the scope and perception of roles inside of the business, and explore ways to understand and meet the customer’s needs through internal collaboration.