23 and you

As a business owner, you need to know the difference between long held beliefs and what actually happens in today’s market. In this Growth, Leadership and Management Tip, I’m looking at 23 and you, and what to do differently in the new year.

Could you go on holiday without your mobile phone? January is no longer a holiday time. Your best strategy is to get your people to holiday early, come back early, and get new campaigns going right away.

I’ll tell you why you need to start listing in December, launch properties on Boxing Day and be ready for open for inspections early in January. You can do more transactions in January than ever before if you get this strategy right.

23 and you starts now. I’ll show you how to get your sales team ready for January, set goals and expectations and make sure they have what they need to get existing listings sold. Hit your targets in 2023, and you can go on holiday early next December.

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